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                                                                          PRESS RELEASE……12-10-21


Concerts4Causes is pleased to announce the Video release of an adapted version of the Bryan Ferry classic, Let’s Stick Together.


This adaptation has been recorded and produced by Narbethong’s singer/songwriting duo, Soloman and Lacey (Gary Soloman and Tallulah Lacey) in conjunction with Marian Rennie of Rennies’s Gallery and Restaurant, Acheron and Christine Challen of Little River Wines, Taggerty. With what is hoped to be a looming release from Victoria’s hard lockdown, the Concerts4Causes partners want to uplift business and entrepreneur spirits and encourage communities to shop, buy and support all things local.


Growers, producers, artists and business operators had lots of fun dancing to the revised lyrics and music with the aim of light-heartedly inspiring and encouraging a revival in the Murrindindi region’s trade, especially in the lead up to Christmas.


                                                                               Media Contact:

                                                                             Christine Challen

                                                                             Little River Wines

                                                          Email: challen.tunstat@bigpond.com