Little River Wines

Little River Wines "A Handcrafted Indulgence"

The estate vineyard is located at the northern end of the Cathedral, nestled on the pristine Little River as it leaves the Cathedral Ranges State Park.


Philip and Christine Challen established the vineyard in 1986 and are involved in all of the processes of wine making from pruning the vines, crushing the grapes, tasting the ferments, blending and bottling- all done with a dedicated passion for their craft and a quest for perfection.


They specialise in producing  low volume of the highest quality  still and sparkling wines based on organic and permacultural principles.

"There is nothing we enjoy more than to welcome our visitors to Little River Wines and share the fruits of our labors and passion for our wines" Christine Challen 


Little River Wines is a member of the ADTTA,  MTBT, Murrindindi Food and Wine and is  listed on the Murrindindi Winemakers Trail.

20 Sharrock Court, Taggerty T: 5774 7644 E:

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The aptly titled "Forgotten Hero" is produced from Petit Verdot grapes grown on the highly prized Terra Rossa soils of the Heathcote/ Colbinabbin region of Central Victoria.The Petit Verdot is the most sensual of the Bordeaux reds, with deep garnet purple hues, floral fragrances of violet and geranium, full lengthy flavors with subtle spice.The 2013 was the last vintage released to the public.

The Little River Winery will release 50 Limited edition Wine Packs each individually numbered. A limited edition print by Marian Rennie and a CD by Music Artists Soloman & Lacey is included in the pack. Sales will help raise funds for Alexandra and Hub CFA units. This is a stunning  opportunity for wine, music and art lovers everywhere"


 $135 boxed set plus postage if applicable

Only 100 dozen bottles of this rare vintage exists, individual orders can also be made through Little River Wines.

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